Feast for All Peoples is an international social art project which will culminate in an exhibition of over 250 ceramic plates representing every nation in the world.

Feast for All Peoples is a collaborative work of art brought together by beautiful people of diverse cultural backgrounds. It is is a celebration of food, home and hospitality expressed through individuals from every region of the world. I strongly believe that every culture, every person is imbued with a unique gift, created for a special purpose. I love to explore and discover these gifts through the relationships I develop. I hope that this project gives us just a tiny taste of this multifaceted beauty that our earth is full of. My dream is that as a society we would grow to appreciate, value and celebrate one another. That we would sit down, feast together and savor.

This humble artistic expression is my hope filled prayer for the spirit of celebration, generosity, and hospitality to abound.


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